Helio Super Courier with Allison Turboprop

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Front Left Close-up One of a kind STOL aircraft SOLD
This Helio Super Courier has been upgraded with a turboprop powerplant which increases substantially performance and reliability.
Specifications The Helio Courier is a Short Take Off and Landing aircraft that can take off and land on dirt strips under 300 feet (90 meters).
Its reputation was cemented by outstanding performance in the field in Indochina (for CIA/military ops) and in Latin America/Africa as a transportation backbone for Missionary work.

Its STOL performance is unique and inherent to its design; moreover, it features a six-seat cabin, 1,500 lbs payload, a cruising speed of 155 knots and it can fly as slow as 30 knots.

The Super Courier on sale features an Allison 250-B17C turbine (404 shp TO power) and offers increased performance and reliability. It is the only known Allison turbine upgraded Courier that exists in the world.

The cockpit includes a full suite of IFR instruments. The airplane is available immediately.

Updated April 2006: all mail inquiries for @helio-courier.com should be forwarded.
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